Vendor FAQ

How do I become a vendor on your platform?

The first step to become a vendor in our marketplace is to register via our registration form. We will review your info and your portfolio and if you are a good fit we will approve your account.

If approved can I start selling right away?

When approved you will be able to submit your design projects right away. We will review each project in detail and let you know if any changes or extra information is needed. After we feel the project is complete we will publish it in the marketplace.

What will be my share from the sale price?

The sale price will be split 70% for the shop owner and 30% for us.

How and when will I get paid?

Vendors are paid via PayPal, please make sure you have submitted your PayPal address in your account info. If Paypal is not a possibility for your country, please reach out to us. Payments will be sent after two months when a sale is made, within 10 days of month’s start. This is to account for chargebacks and refunds.

Do I get notified of sales?

Our powerful vendor dashboard lets you keep track of your sales and customers, payments and all necessary things you need to run a successful shop in our marketplace.

*If you have more question please contact us.